Miami Cardinals (28+ Division) vs South Florida Rays (28+ Division)
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Miami Cardinals (28+ Division)
South Florida Rays (28+ Division)

Cardinals Catcher Manny
by South Florida Rays (28+ Division)

It was the 2nd game of a Doubleheader vs the Miami Cardinals. It was a hot day in Miami and the Fatigue of a doubleheader was starting to set in on the Stingrays. The Cardinals put up 2 runs in the 1st inning and the Stingrays came back with 3 runs of their own to jump on top. Stingrays tacked on 3 more runs in the 2nd inning and 1 more in the 4th inning making it 7-2. The Cardinals did not give up easily and put up 3 more runs in the 5th inning and the score was now 7-5. In the 6th inning time was already running short and due to time limits the game was almost coming to an end. It was the 7th inning and no runs added by the Cardinals it was the bottom of the inning and Stingrays up to bat with one out and a Runner on 1st base. The runner going on the first pitch to the next batter the game had to be concluded by way of an Unfortunate injury on the throw down to 2nd to their catchers elbow. All of Us with the SF Stingrays wish a speedy recovery for The Cardinals Catcher Manny.

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