Miami Blues (28+ Division) vs Miami Brewers (28+ Division)
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Miami Blues (28+ Division)
Miami Brewers (28+ Division)

by Miami Blues (28+ Division)

This game featured 2 of SFBL's best Lefty pitchers. Kenny Tyson of the Blues and George Kenhan of the Brewers. No wonder then that the score was 2-2 going to the top of the 8th inning. Here's where the roller coaster ride begins. The Blues scored 2 runs in the top of the 8th with a lead off walk to Billy Zoffinger, an RBI by Brian Nentwig and a wild pitch by the Brewers relief pitcher. Score now 4-2 Blues. This would normally be plenty of runs for Kenny but an infield hit, a rare walk issued by Kenny, a single and it was 1 run in and 2 on. Kenny induced a lazy routine fly ball to right field. Our usually steady outfielder lost sight of the ball and it fell in for a double and 2 RBI. Going to the top of the 9th the Brewers were leading 5-4. In the top of the 9th our lead off hitter Sean Emory was hit by a pitch. The next batter hit a grounder to the pitcher. The pitcher picked it up and threw it into center field. 2 batters later an error by the Brewer SS tied the score 5-5 with 2 runners on. Kenny Tyson was up and hit a long hard line drive over the Center Fielders head for a 2 RBI triple. A 2 out clutch RBI single by Brian Nentwig and it was a Blues 3 run lead going to the bottom of the 9th. The Brewers would have no part of going out 1-2-3. A few hits, an out, another hit, an out and a run in and the score was 8-6 with the tying runners on base. Our relief pitcher Brian Nentwig came in. He gave up a first pitch single for another Brewer run. Score now 8-7 Blues with a runner on second base. Brian got the next batter on a grounder for a save and the final out. Always fun playing the Brewers. We escaped with a victory to keep our unbeaten streak at 8-0 this season. We would love to play the Brewers again this season.

It was a Lefty Dou for most of the game. Game was tied 2-2 entering the 8th.Jorge Hernandez Entered the 7th in relief after a leadoff single from the Blues, Jorge closed out the 7th.Then the Blues put 2 quick runs in the top of the 8th,but the Brewers answered back with 3 runs to take the lead 5-4.Brewers felt pretty good going into the 9th to seal the Victory,But the flood gates opened,leading off with a HBP,followed by a comebacker ground ball ,pither dicides to throw to 2nd but missed by a long on 2nd& 3rd followed a K. Infield in,ground ball to SS,tried to hurry to the ball and booted the ball. Blues end up scoring 4. Down 3 runs Brewers try to answer back scoring 2 and leaving men on 1st & 2nd. Final score 8-7. Always fun to play the Blues.Even though the outcome turned sour for the Brewers, it was a very competietive game from start to finish.looking forward to playing the Blues again.

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