Southern Yankees (28+ Division) vs South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division)
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Southern Yankees (28+ Division)
South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division)

Bums walk away with win
by Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

The South Florida Beach Bums took advantage of 11 free passes and some sloppy defense and edged the Southern Yankees 6-4. Eric Judd gave up only 3 hits but had uncharacteristic control issues. Poor fielding by the Southern Yankees third baseman turned into 3 consecutive errors as the Yankees basically gave the game away. Not to take away from the SFBB pitchers who were lights out once again on the mound with 9 strikeouts. They wiggled out of jams time and time again and when the Southern Yankees needed the clutch hit they just didnt deliver.. The top half of the lineup of Joe Darelli, Sam Bartoletta,Hector Perez , Dan Fimiani& Eric judd had 8 of the teams 10 hits and were on base 5 other times via walks. In contrast the bottom of the lineup failed to show up and looked at too many called third strikes and didnt advance runners when called upon. I hate to bring up the negative again but 2 hits in 21 ABs with many runners in scoring position tells me the bottom of the lineup left their game in bed that morning. It was a tough contest to lose but when you cant make routine plays or hit the ball when the bright lights are on you then it spells disaster. Reggie 44 would not be proud of your performance. Enough said we forget it and move on and learn from our mistakes.We all know collectively the Southern Yankees are a much better team than displayed and were the polar opposite of the week before. Joe Darelli put on a hitting clinic with 4 hits -yes the superfecta; and almost single handedly pulled the game out for the Southern Yankees. Dan Fimiani pitched 3+ brilliant scoreless innings and gave the Southern Yankees a chance to come back in a very tight game. In two contests with the talented SFBB team we struck out 9 times each game against their hard throwing pitching staff. We scored 7 runs and they scored 6 as we split the series one game apiece winning 3-0 and losing 6-4. So looking at the positive we were very competitive against the best. We really missed Reidy, Ramos & Hugo this week and except for the disastorous 4th inning we really held our own against the top team in our division. Hats off to the SFBB team and Manager Charles & Sean. You guys played the game well and pitched great and got the win. We wish you success in the playoffs.The Southern Yankees look to regroup for next game. Stay thirsty my friends!

4th inning rally gives Bums the win
by South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division)

The Bums broke open a 3-3 tie with a 3-run fourth inning rally and held off the Yankees to win 6-4 en route to the Bums' 7th win of the season.

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