Miramar Rangers (35+ Division) vs Dade Nationals (35+ Division)
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Miramar Rangers (35+ Division)
Dade Nationals (35+ Division)

Rangers Power Past The Nationals
by Miramar Rangers (35+ Division)

The Rangers played a very strong Nationals team this sunday. Rick Cabello took the mound on sunday but was pulled out in the 2nd due to arm problems. With the two aces Jaime and Albert out for this game due to injuries,the call went out to Fernando Urtiaga who showed the heart of a lion and pitched the remainder of the game. The Rangers were trailing the Nationals all game and down by 5 runs in their last at bats, the fireworks started. Matt Goodnow would start things off with a 2 run blast over the right field fence and then JM Kling would come to the plate with the bases loaded and hit a Grand Slam to put the Rangers up for good. Great game this sunday by both teams, the game had a little bit of everything in it.

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