Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division) vs Broward Indians (28+ Division)
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Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)
Broward Indians (28+ Division)

by Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)

The monstrous short handed still proved to the league that they have a deep depth as a team. Coach Taveras said no matter where I put these guys I still receive 110 from them. Costly mistakes made in the first inning which all came from starting pitcher Austin Sanchez first batter not able to move to cover first due to him not being in the game and in that same inning giving up a moonshot of a home run towards right field. And then the monstrous just took over the game by a smart coaching decision by Taveras to send his runner on third on a straight steal which boosted them to victory. Player of the game deans going 3-3 2doubles 4 RBIs. We want hunter jones next game that's all we want will prove to the league that last game between th was a fluke

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