Miami Red Sox (Premier Division) vs Miami Dodgers (Premier Division)
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Miami Red Sox (Premier Division)
Miami Dodgers (Premier Division)

Sox give up 2 run lead with 2 out 2 strikes 2 on in bottom of ninth
by Miami Red Sox (Premier Division)

The Red Sox dug an early hole to go down 4-0 but the team rallied in the sixth for two runs and then two more in the seventh. Finally, the Sox took a two run lead on Ariel Blanco's clutch two run single in the eighth inning. That set up the matchup between Cory Casuso, the Red Sox starter who threw another complete game, and the top of the Dodgers lineup coming up in the bottom of the ninth. Then, with two strikes, two outs and two runners, down to his last strike, Dodgers Danny Chiappi delivered a clutch two run single with a liner down the first base line to tie the game. One swing later, another single down the third base line by Dodger Cooper Roberts left the Sox on the field. Hats off to the Cooper, Danny and the Dodgers, who absolutely earned their first win of the season in classic comeback style.

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