South Florida Reds (28+ Division) vs Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)
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South Florida Reds (28+ Division)
Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)

Big win for the reds
by South Florida Reds (28+ Division)

Once again the reds get a win to stay unbeaten at 5-0. They got a great pitched game by lupa he had them off balance all game and he also got some solid defense behind him at times. There bats were a little off today but the solid defense kept them in the game. In the 6th inning they got a timely base hit from scott hansen that plated 2 runs that basically put the game out of reach for the black bats. The black bats attempted a comeback in the last inning but that was denied w a nice play by shortstop chris as he cut of the throw down to 2nd base on an attempted steal and the man on 3rd try to go home chris throws a laser to home picked by don and the final out was recorded. 8-5 final.

Reds were a great opponent in a game that would it be more fun IF we would it play all 9 innings. The umpire was OFF on his sentence at home even after a wonderful play by the Reds ss substitute. Also, the umpire did NOT keep the BlackBats informed about the latest minute of the game showing lack of concentration and communication. Anyways, Reds deserved the victory 8 to 5. See you guys in the Playoffs!

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