Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division) vs South Florida Reds (28+ Division)
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Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)
South Florida Reds (28+ Division)

Monstruos finally play Monstruo baseball!
by Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)

After a very sluggish start to the season by the Monster Mini Golf Monstruos, as many of there past games we're played with lack of heart and want. They turn it around and play for the first time, with the sense that they actually want too be there. Even though only 10 of the 18 MMGM players showed up at the game, they we're that 10 that wanted too be there, and that's why they won todays game against a great team the South Florida Reds. From the first pitch it was evident the Monstruos were ready for the Reds. With great defense, good hitting even better base running, and not to mention tremendous pitching the Monstruos cruised to a 10-3 W. The Monster mini Golf Monstruos we're Carried Defensively by Brian De La Nuez and Mateo O'Campo. Ofensively by Edward Miller and Brian De La Nuez combining for 4 Hits, 4 Steals, and 4 Runs Scored. The pitching by the Monstruos was great the whole game, but the last 4 innings were ABSOLUTLY DOMINATED by Gaby Manduley and Brian De La Nuez combining for 10 K's in the last 4 innings with 0 Earned Runs. Player of the Game by Far was Brian De La Nuez known by his teammates as the next Koji Uehara.

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