Southern Yankees (28+ Division) vs Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)
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Southern Yankees (28+ Division)
Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)

Southern Yankees school youngsters
by Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

Down goes FFrrrazzziieer! In a game reminicisent of the legendary Muhammad Ali/Joe Frazier fights many years ago; the Southern Yankees knocked off the mighty Mini Golf Monstrous 14-6. On another spectacular sunny day @ the ballpark the Southern Yankees arrived they thought early; around 815 am only to find the entire MMG team already assembled on the field and taking batting practice. This dedication impressed the Southern Yankees squad who knew in order to knock off the top team in the division they had to also smack a few baseballs around and play smart. The contest started out like a heavyweight battle with both squads looking for an opening to strike. After a scoreless first inning MMG scored an unearned run in the second frame and after three innings led 1-0. In the top of the fourth the Southern Yankees briefly tied the game on a single, wild pitch and stolen base. The MMG team scored twice in the bottom of the inning to take a 3-1 lead after 4 frames. But in the fifth the Southern Yankees plated 4 runs with big doubles from John Ramos& Hugo Gutierrez. A clutch single from Keith Litwak contributed also & made the score 5-3 Southern Yankees after five innings.Neither team scored in the sixth and the score remained that way going into the knockout inning. The Southen Yankees erupted for 6 runs in the TAKE ME OUT to the ballgame 7TH inning as Reidy Olivo & Dan Fimiani crushed home runs with their teammates aboard. The close game became a rout as the Yankees led 11-3 at that juncture. MMG scored 3 times in the 8th to make the score 11-6 but the Yankees put a lid on the momentum and scored 3 right back in the top of the ninth to lead 14-6 which would end up being the final score.Eric Judd was once again masterful on the mound mowing the mighty MMG youngsters down. Judd gave up only 2 runs on 4 hits and also once again contributed with his bat by driving in 3 fellow teammates. Dan Fimiani also showed some dazzling pitches in 3 innings of work and made his presence felt to the team with a big home run to break the game open. Reidy Olivo was smooth at short and crushed an opposite field bomb along with 3 runs scored 2 hits and 2 stolen bases. Not to be left out of the Southern Yankees 13 hit barrage was John Ramos who clubbed 3 hits and Joe Darelli who along with Hugo Guttierrez smacked 2 hits apiece. All in all a fabulous statement win for the Southern Yankees as we MEASURE OURSELVES AGAINST one of the top teams in the league and the former top team in our division. We police our own team and always have respect for our opponents. The Southern Yankees win and lose with graciousness each and every week.( Unlike Richard Shermans outburst after the game to his 49ers opponent yesterday and to Tom Brady in a previous game.) Some teams do not always do that and the only way to counter that is to beat them. I am convinced that Peyton Manning will take defensive back Sherman to school & read the Seattle defenses mail and do a big favor for Tom Brady and Micheal Crabtree along with many other fans. The MMG team is loaded with young live arms and I am sure Manager Roberto will straighen out what he needs to & that is their business. We took care of OUR business on the field as I am sure all of you get the message being conveyed.. A great win and we look forward to the remaining schedule of games & opponents coming up. STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!

Monstruos Lose Big
by Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)

Los Monstruos, were excited to play another game at the beautiful Lynn University baseball field. So excited they showed up at 7:30am 2 hours before game time. With hours of BP, and Pre-Game the Monstruos, as always, felt very confident going into the game, but just like in approaching women, confidence doesn't always equal success. A tight game headed into the sixth turned into a blowout when the Yankees struck for 2 3-run home runs. With respect, hustle, and teamwork the Yankees were able to win today, While the Monstruos had the exact opposite. From the start of the game they're was arguing, bickering, and complaining coming from the Monstruos. This distraught behavior was headed by Manager Roberto, who was almost thrown out of the game on several occasions. This game, by far, is the worse game in Monstruo history. Taking nothing away from the Yankees who played great the entire game. All in all, it looks like the Monstruos young age, and inexperience caught up to them once again. On another note, I Roberto Barrabes, want to apologize to the Southern Yankees, The Umpires, and to the game of baseball. The way we handled ourselves today was unacceptable and it shall be dealt with.

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