Dade Nationals (35+ Division) vs Dade Tigers (35+ Division)
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Dade Nationals (35+ Division)
Dade Tigers (35+ Division)

Tigers pitching dominates the Naitonals
by Dade Tigers (35+ Division)

This one was tied 0-0 after one but that wouldn't last. The Tigers scored 2 runs in both the 2nd and 3rd innings with Rbi's from Eddy Castellanos (3-3 1R, 2RBI, 1BB), Ryan Paylor (2RBI, 2SAC, 1R, 1BB), and Danger Villalobos (4-4, 2B, 3RBI, 3R). The bats would stay hot in the 4th as the Tigers would put up a 6 spot with the help of a 2RBI double by Rene Orovio (2-4 2RBI, 2R, 2B), another 2 RBI double by Danger Villalobos and RBI's from Garvi Arias and Duane Medina. Tigers bats put up a total of 13 runs but the real story belongs to the pitching. In his second game back from injury Tigers Ace Ryan Paylor was near perfect in his 4 innings of work. Paylor pitched 4, faced 13 batters striking out 5 with no walks while only giving up 1 swinging bunt hit. Tigers 60 yr old gem Nelson Ruiz came in on relief and pitched 3 innings facing 15 batters, striking out 1 with no walks and 2 earned runs.

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