Magic City Red Sox (35+ Division) vs South Florida Dodgers (35+ Division)
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Magic City Red Sox (35+ Division)
South Florida Dodgers (35+ Division)

Red Sox starter Javy Rosario pitched well again, but had to deal with 4 or 5 outs an inning as defensive miscues and passed balls ruined the day. More of a collaboration than a competition, with loaned players and equipment, the Red Sox and Dodgers found a way to play ball under trying circumstances. Sawx relievers coughed up a 5-run lead in the 8th and last inning. Great day by Jim Baker 4-5 3 runs scored 2 RBI, Alex Lugones, 4-5 and Eric M. 3-5. Can't wait for the rematch. Special thanks to Dave C and Rey for helping out.

Come back win!
by South Florida Dodgers (35+ Division)

Dodgers were trailing 5 to 10 and in the bottom of the 8th they came back for the win with 8 run scored to make the win 13-10. Nathan lead with 6-5 2b and 2 RBI, Rick went 6-2 RBI, Lee 5-3, Ramirez 5-2, Pandolfo 5-2 and pitched excellent! The rest of the team contributed as well. Thanks to the REDSOX for a great game!

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