Perrine Monarchs (28+ Division) vs Miami Cardinals (28+ Division)
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Perrine Monarchs (28+ Division)
Miami Cardinals (28+ Division)

Offensive Explosion
by Perrine Monarchs (28+ Division)

The Monarchs bats came out fully charged as they put up 26 runs in 4 innings of play. The offense included (2) grand slams from Monarchs outfielder Gabriel Castro and catcher Richard Cerda and an inside the parker by Shaq Fey. Once again Nick Ginsler and Sean Dyer did the job on the mound. Monarchs improve to 5-1 and look forward to their next game against the Miami Blues.

Monarchs hits every pitch yesterday..
by Miami Cardinals (28+ Division)

Congratulations to the Monarchs and his coach for a good game as always. Another game for the Cardinals with out pitchers and a lack defense. grand slam of Howard to plate 2 runs and Double of Dave for the anothers 2, Kudos to Jeffrey, Jerry and Reynel who stay in the mound braverly.

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