South Florida Reds (28+ Division) vs Davie Tigers (28+ Division)
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South Florida Reds (28+ Division)
Davie Tigers (28+ Division)

Lackluster effort nets Tigers 2nd loss...
by Davie Tigers (28+ Division)

The first matchup between the SF Reds and the Davie Tigers would prove to be one sided, as the Reds would come away with a 14-7 win. The Tigers would seem to lack the fire and intensity needed to win, and play extremely sloppy at times. Ray Sanabria would get the start for the Tigers, and would pitch well against a team with several good, young hitters. Ray would only allow a couple of earned runs, while striking out 6 over 6 innings. The Tigers would struggle again with the bats, scoring 3 runs in the 3rd off of a 3 run HR by the coach, David Carnevale. But they would go silent until the 8th, when they would score 4 runs off of a couple of errors by the Reds infield, and a couple of clutch hits by Adam and Sal. It would not be a game to remember defensively however. The Tigers would commit 4 errors, including another botched run down play. This is something that will need to be addressed during practices. Good game to Donny and especially to the Reds starter, Clark, who went the distance for the win. Happy Holidays to all!

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