Southern Yankees (28+ Division) vs South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division)
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Southern Yankees (28+ Division)
South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division)

Fabulous performance by Southern Yankees Team
by Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

On a perfect day @ the ballpark a gem pitching display by Franklin Brito was all the difference in a 3- zip shutout performance. Brito had the young South Florida Beach Bums team off balance all morning with an moving slider and fastball that had more velocity on it than previously shown. That along with a strong defense especially by Hugo Gutierrez @ second base led the Southern Yankees to a 3-0 victory. Brito pitched his best game ever; a dazzling 2 hit shutout as he struck out 10 South Florida Beach Bum batters in the contest. The 3 young hard throwing South Florida BB pitchers kept the Southern Yankees bats stifled throughout as they struck out 9 of the 11 batters they faced in the lineup & 10ks in total. They kept their team in the game in a closely played contest. The Southern Yankees were held to only 6 hits and the hitting star was Eric Judd who drove in all 3 runs with his booming bat. It was a hard fought battle and good luck to manager Charles Saro and his talented BB squad. You have assembled a great group of players who will go far once they learn that you have to get your rest the night before for these early morning games. A fabulous win for the Yankees as defensively we only made one error and showed that we can play small ball and win these types of games when we have strong pitching and good defense. We had a multitiude of these blessings on the field as we head into the Thanksgiving week bye. Please enjoy the holiday with your family, friends and loved ones and remember you all have what it takes. So after you have had your over indulgence of food and drink and hopefully have watched Thanksgiving classic- Babes in Toyland/March of the Wooden Soldiers; you will definately enjoy it & have a few laughs- especially the end! After that and lots of football, make sure you tell whoever is asking that YES you are STILL playing some of the finest most competitive amateur baseball in the country against 18 year olds and still holding your own. You will fondly remember these days on the ballfield in the future so continue to use the God given talents that you all possess and continue to play the game you love. We look forward to resuming the season on Dec 8th. In summary a great well played game by both teams. It was fun & thats what its all about! STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!!

by South Florida Beach Bums (28+ Division) SFBL - The Bums pitching staff of Nick Kautz, Michael Jordan & Reed Alfieri combined for 10 K's and allowed only 7 hits and 3 walks in their 3-0 loss to the Southern Yankees. The Yankees picked up 2 runs in the first inning and an insurance run in the second inning but that was all they would need on Sunday. It was the Yankees' Franklin Brito that silenced the Bums' bats. The only hits for the Bums came from the bats of JC Diaz and Danny Rodriguez.

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