Broward Indians (28+ Division) vs Deerfield White Sox (28+ Division)
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Broward Indians (28+ Division)
Deerfield White Sox (28+ Division)

Late inning thunder seals the deal...
by Deerfield White Sox (28+ Division)

The Deerfield WhiteSox gave up 2 runs in the early going on defensive miscues. But once they captured the lead on a Grand slam by Justin, they would never relinquish it. The Indians kept coming back putting the ball in play forcing the WhiteSox to show their weakness, defense which collected 12 errors in 8 innings. The late inning thunder was provided by Justin, Mike Clark, Nelson and Bo who all hit a Home Run, three of them back to back solo, the last with one on base. Justin makes the strongest candidate for player of the week going 5-5 with 7 rbi's, 2 Hr, one of them a GS....good game Indians, way to battle your tails off.

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