Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division) vs Southern Yankees (28+ Division)
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Monster Mini Golf Monstruos (28+ Division)
Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

Monstruos fend off a tough Southern Yankee squad. If baseball was an age game this game would of been all Monstruos, but it's not. Baseball is a game of the little things, and most importantly baseball is a game of heart. The Monstruos didn't have much of either this sunday, while the yankees had an abundance of both. With both teams tied up until the 6'th it looked as the monstruo players did not have their minds right. It seemed as most of the Monstruo players came up to the plate with one thing on their mind ... a long ball. With 14 pop outs, and 6 k's on the day, Monster Mini Golf was lucky to come out with W. Lucky they were, mostly thanks to their pitching, and a sequence of events by the Yankees. In the sixth inning, the Yankee leadoff batter came up against Monstruo pitcher Gaby Manduley. Manduley who was topping out in the 90's was roped by the yankee lead off who had a Great approach, with an extremely short swing he smacked it over the third basemen. He then stole second, and stole third, and scored on a wild pitch. This giving the yankees the lead, but gave the monstruos the win, by showing them it doesn't take a long ball to score a run, the Monstruos finally clicked and started doing the little things. Playing the last 3 innings the right way with heart and teamwork saved the Monstruos. Bory Rios and Edwin Vargas carried the monstruos on the offensive side of things combining for 5 Hits 5 RBI'S and 2 Runs scored. Brian De La Nuez shut down the door in the last 3 innings to pick up the first save in his sfbl career, While Manduley got the win. All in all Monstruos must improve if they want to live up to their bold prediction of a playoff berth in their first sfbl season.

New team has trifecta of 18 year old aces
by Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

The Southern Yankees opened their Fall/Winter season against the young new Monster Mini Golf team on a spectacular day @ Lynn University; home field of the Southern Yankees. The Southern Yankees welcomed back beloved former manager Skip Sissleman who has decided to play Don Zimmer as he did with Yankees manager Joe Torre; as 3 rd base coach & consultant to the team. The visitors would take an early 1-0 lead in the top of the first and added 3 more in the third on some shoddy fielding by the Southern Yankees. Leading 4-0 in the bottom of the third Sam Bartoletta & Bobby Stallone would hit gappers and drive in 2 runs apiece to tie the score at 4-4 after 3 innings. Reggies number stayed on the scoreboard after 4 innings as the young team and veteran Yankees were locked in a tough 4-4 battle. Joe Darelli led off the top of the fifth with a opposite field rope to left against the Monster minis second 18 year old stud pitcher who was throwing serious heat at the Southern Yankees batters. Darelli stole a run by swiping third base with two outs and scored on a wild pitch as the Southern Yankees would lead 5-4 going into the sixth. The MMs would score 3 more runs in the 6th on errors and a couple of perfectly placed hits and after six innings took the lead 7-5. But the third young pitcher from the Monster Mini roster came in and shut down the Yankees bats and the MMs added an insurance run in the 8th to take an 8-5 lead where they closed things out. The Southern Yankees were led by pitcher Franklin Brito who was dazzling in defeat and gave up only 3 earned runs & struck out 6. the Southern Yankees mustered only six hits against the tough trio of pitchers and were led by Sam Bartoletta and Bobby Stallone who clubbed two hit s apiece. The first 4 hitters in the lineup had all the hits and as you all know we will need production from everyone collectively as a team to win more games. We hit the ball hard- albeit a lot of times right at fielders. But we put it in play including only striking out 6 times against some of the toughest pitching we have ever faced. The Southern Yankees were also missing some key players who had other commitments and we hope to get them back soon. All in all a decent, spirited &fun game we were in to the end and we all know what we are capable of doing in the future. Its a long season and hopefully we got the rust off after a long layoff and will return to form next week. To Manager Roberto and the MMs you have a nice well rounded team with some serious pitching and you should do well this season. Your team was very respectful and professional and we enjoyed the challenge of playing against the youngsters right out of high school and college and holding our own. Y our squad played the game right & we appreciate that as we try to do each & every game also as a team. Good luck for the season & we look forward to seeing you again. Stay thirsty my friends!

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