Miami Red Sox (Premier Division) vs Miami Dodgers (Premier Division)
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Miami Red Sox (Premier Division)
Miami Dodgers (Premier Division)

Red Sox get pounded on 4 doubles in a row
by Miami Red Sox (Premier Division)

Sox give up the early lead and then got pounded, at one point giving up four doubles in a row. Veteran ace, Cory Casuso, was cruising with the lead before the Dodgers crashed the party. The loss knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs due to tie breaker rules as the Dodgers and Sox ended the season with identical records.

Dodgers squeak into Premier Playoffs
by Miami Dodgers (Premier Division)

Down 2-0 when we finally realized the final game of the season means something, the Dodgers woke up and then pounded the Red Sox to earn a trip to the Premier Division playoffs. Dodgers skipper, Pablo Vinent, got things going with a bases loaded double and Nick Geary followed that with what was the fourth double in a row as the Dodgers took command of the game in the sixth inning. A great win for Dodger nation.

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