Miami Black Bats (28+ Division) vs Miami Brewers (28+ Division)
Visitor vs Home TeamOfficial Score
Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)
Miami Brewers (28+ Division)

Horrible first loss with incomplete team.
by Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)

We missed 5 players by injuries and traveling. 11 to 0 to Brewers who played solid. See you guys in the POs!

Brewers knockout Blackbats
by Miami Brewers (28+ Division)

Despite Brewers missing a few players on Sunday,we still came out to play hardball from the get go. Sean Hernanadez came to his own by throwing a 3 hit shotout with 8 K's in 7 innings.Hopefully Brewers will keep this pace the rest of the Season. Good game Blackbats.

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