Miami Cardinals (28+ Division) vs Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)
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Miami Cardinals (28+ Division)
Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)

BlackBats are back coming back in great form!!
by Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)

After been losing 6 to none, the blackbats rebounded a shaky defense to fight a great game against the Cards. Game move both ways to be decided in the last inning with a wild pitch. Wilmer had a great game not allowing ER in 6 innings and having 2 hits, 2 walks, 2 RBIs & 2 runs. Oscar also had a great game with 3 hits and 1 BB with 2 RBIs. Pablo had another 3 day hit & Daniel, Grua & Mello had 2 hits each to complete the feast. Ichiro stole 2 bases and scored 3 runs to complete this wild game with a WIN 10 to 9.

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