Miami Black Bats (28+ Division) vs South Florida Rays (28+ Division)
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Miami Black Bats (28+ Division)
South Florida Rays (28+ Division)

BlackBats 2, Rays 3!!! Good game with bad weather. Seems that numbers from 7th inning does not count. Let's get ready for next game.

A Monsoon
by South Florida Rays (28+ Division)

The day started out looking good. The Black Bats jumped to an early lead with One Run in the First and tacked on a second Run Later. The Rays put up Two of there own in the first Another in the fifth. With Seven innings of great pitching from Kevin parsons We held off the Black Bats to only Two Runs. With a Home Run By Juan Nunez in the bottom of the seventh the Stingrays take the Win after the game coming to an early end By Way of A Monsoon.

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