Miami Brewers (28+ Division) vs Southern Yankees (28+ Division)
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Miami Brewers (28+ Division)
Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

Brewers 3rd straight knockout
by Miami Brewers (28+ Division)

Brewers playing against the Classy Yankees put up a silent 10 runs on the board .Another brilliant performance on the mound from Sean. On the offensive side Sean 3-5 4 Rbis,Izzy 2 mammoth doubles and 2 Rbi's.Hope to play the Yankees again with a full squad.

Top pitcher in league shuts out Southern Yankees
by Southern Yankees (28+ Division)

The Miami Brewers led by ace Sean Hernandez blanked the Southern Yankees 10 zip. Opponents came in hitting under .200 vs the Brewers flamethrower & that trend continued to play out in this contest. The shorthanded Yankees came out of the dugout flat but were only down 1-0 in the third inning.After starter Franklin Brito developed a sore arm the game changed. The Yankees infield resembled the Bad News Bears team with numerous miscues leading to a benevolent number of unearned runs. Emergency reliever Christian De la Rosa pitched valiantly but our defense was as porous as a paper towel cleaning up a Big Gulp soda spill. Some timely bombs off the fences added to more runs & the game turned into a rout. A pathetic effort defensively especially when our pitcher has to get 5 or 6 outs every inning instead of the customary three. A game to forget as once in a while every team has one of those sub par sloppy eforts. We had a couple of chances to plate some runners early wih the bases loaded but were unable to get the clutch hit. Also the baserunning was unacceptable with two pickoffs to thwart any comeback attempts. Lets move on- It really didnt matter except on the scoreboard as the Southern Yankees bats would be silenced by the Brewers league pitching ace & later in the game by the crafty George Kenham who also mowed down the yankees like a lawnmower @ the golf course. The Southern Yankees were led by the leagues leading hitter Whilmer Flores who stroked 3 hits along with Ray Asmar who clubbed 2 hits for the team. The Yankees only mustered 7 hits total and struck out 8 times against some nasty pitches. Reports of elder statesman Chris Bartzokis retiring were once again premature as he hit the Brewers pitcher well along with Sam Bartoleta who had the only other two hits for the Yankees & was stellar behind the plate once again. We only had 9 show & were missing key players for the game. Appreciate the effort of those who came to play & performed and for those of you who didnt you can go view the movie THE SANDLOT & maybe get a perspective of what the game of baseball is all about. It will be one of the best baseball movies you ever see. Hats off to classy manager George , Benji & the talented Brewers squad & look forward to playing you again later in the season. We think positively to the return of our nucleus of players who were out for this game for various reasons. Our next baseball game is on 7/14 after the bye this week due to the july 4th holiday. Stay thirsty my friends!

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